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Might have been a dumb idea but I jumped 12v + to the slip ring and was able to get power from 115v receptacle.
Not dumb at all. That's how one would flash the field to wake up a dead unit that had lost its residual magnetism. However, your machine is "self flashing" yet responded to your 12V application because the failed diode was apparently causing an open in the flashing circuit.

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I was an idiot and soldered a diode in backwards. Replaced one more diode as well. Now have power to slip rings and receptacle. Only 45VAC at power throttle. I am getting power to my weld jacks as well. What else can be wrong to not get full 115VAC? I found bad diode by using multimeter and trace 12vdc power from alternator to PC board. Then found bad diode. Replaced diode and followed 12v + through capacitors and ended at slip rings.
Looking at the manual schematic, which specific diodes did you find failed and replaced?

There are a number of factors that can be resulting in your low voltage at this point including engine speed and other possible field voltage circuit component failures or adjustment. Voltage at the slip rings (with Fine Amperage Control set to 100) should be approximately 115-150VDC.

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