First off let me say I value all your opinions. I am not a welder by trade and find the answers to my questions very helpful.

A few years ago I bought a MM140 which left my garage off leash. I found it to be a bit small for what I really needed. After the insurance settled I then bought an AC/DC Thunderbolt. Not knowing beans about how electricity works I soon found that my generator would run the welder but not start it. My first lesson in CC vs CV. I added a MM180 which the genny would run but only a short while. Ive been wanting a TIG machine of some sort so I could have the option on thinner material. Recently out of the blue, so to speak, as I was searching for a bigger gen set, I stumbled upon a Bobcat 250 with only 16 hours on the clock. I put the money down and still need to drive 3 hours one way to pick it up.

All that said, I still want a TIG. Im mostly self taught so my only experience with TIG so far was in the Miller trailer at a big race weekend. I did pretty good on the steel but the aluminum was a no go. I see this as a challenge to learn. I would think the Bobcat will power most anything I want to do at the track or at home. Since Im not professional and very willing to hire a pro when the need arises I dont think I need a Dynasty or Sync. Ive been looking over the web pages here on the Diversion and Multimatic 200. Both look reasonably portable. It would appear that the 200 could almost replace what I now have whereas the Diversion is pretty much a single use machine.

All that to say, if you were me, what should I do? One of those two or something altogether different?