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Thread: bucket hooks

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    Default bucket hooks

    Not always a good day but this is all I had yesterday. Seems to have slowed way up just before Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will pick up next week.

    I welded three hooks onto a 955 bucket. Customer spec'd location, supplied hooks & wanted base plates put on before the hooks. Used 1/2" x 5" x 9" flat bar.

    1125031611.jpg 1125031612.jpg
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    November has been good for me and my little doings, I hope it keeps up. I missed a call yesterday while at work and passed on a warped all up aluminum drive entry gate.

    Guy said it only needed two welds but after taking a look, it was a mess. I referred him to a guy that had time to deal with it.

    It did lead me to talking to a local shop where I may have scored some tig work. Think I'll mock up some similar samples and take them by to show him what his projects will come out like.

    The bucket work looks nice, makes me jealous. LOL Whish I had a shop to be able to take in large equipment. But I'll keep pecking away, the word seems to be getting out.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, hope you get a lot of work.

    Oh yea, mom had a big ham in the car porch fridge, someone stole it. Guess they had an early Thanksgiving. LOL

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    I agree real nice job. As long as the hooks aren't cast they will do fine. Hope work picks up but if most people are like me money is tight. The stolen ham is awful because most likely if they would have asked she would have given it to someone needy.
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    and 4 dogs to supervise me

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