Folks -
Trying to troubleshoot my old (LA 081331) SD 180. I get no HF just a little (1/8 in spark) and thats it at the torch. When I checked the spark gaps, one of them was shorted - Probably had some grit blown into it. Readjusted the gap and now nothing at the Spark Gaps of 0.012. I checked T3 without power and get continuity at the primary side and 6K ohm on the secondary (That seems a bit high to me). The cap shows open but I can't check to see if its working. Continuity on T4 windings seems good. The foot switch (switch and 1K pot) is working as well. I can hear gas come on when i hit the foot switch and there is current at the torch (spark when i hit the electrode to the work material)

Anyone have any ideas?