Hey guys, I purchased a Miller 211 maybe 2 years back and have been using it for a lot of race car projects as well as my own street rod. The welds I get from it WORK, but they are just not as 'pretty' as what I have come to expect from Miller and the machine doesn't make it easy either.

Just a little background, I have only been welding for a few years but 4 of those have been professionally for a speed shop and I became the head fabricator/welder for the last year I was there. As far as experience goes, I have layed thousands of beads on the Miller 175 and Miller 212's my shop had. The 212 had an aftermarket ground and tweco torch but the 175 was stock. Both made awesome welds every time and weren't very touchy. I'd get nice welds even when on my back welding roll cages through dashboards and what not, the machines (especially the 212) seemed to be very forgiving both with torch angle/distance and settings.

Anyway, ever since I bought my 211 for home use I have noticed that it just doesn't weld as nice as the other machines I have used. It's hard to put to words, but the sound isn't right, it seems as though it requires excessive wire speed to get the sound right and then the welds come out kind of sloppy/gloppy. It also spits more than I am used to. Overall, it almost acts as if a welder would when using compromised wire, but I have swapped wire out multiple times with various brands and it made no difference.

I mean I am getting structurally sound welds but they just aren't as easy to make or as clean as I am used to getting and they look less defined, rougher and gloppier (as one would expect with excessive wire speed).

For my electric source I have a stand alone 220 that a professional electrician installed specifically for this welder. Even tried the welder on my shops electric and it made no difference. I have been through probably 4 tanks of gas so it's not a bad mix. Swapped contact tips, checked bolts on the ground etc... Everyone keeps telling me to try a new liner, but this problem has happened since new, why would the liner be bad? I suppose it could have been damaged or something from the start.

The other strange thing i notice is that when you first pull the trigger, the wire feed starts off slow then speeds up after maybe a second. I don't know if this is part of the 'smooth start' feature but I know it has done it since new and I have never used another Miller (or Lincoln) machine that did this.

Any help is appreciated! I'll be welding control arms up for my own car in a few days and I was really hoping to fix this problem and get some real nice looking welds! Thanks in advance