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Thread: fencing

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    Quote Originally Posted by walker View Post
    A forged twist (localized, not a twisted picket), and a forged top detail ( simple taper or flame)will put you at $125 a foot pretty easy. Solid steel pickets, especially 5/8" or 3/4" gets speedy fast as well. To figure it out, just take the base price for you plain 90$ fence, and add in each detail times 3. You can get an idea of the price difference per picket by looking in the King catalog. I do all of my own forge work, so there is also that totally unique/custom aspect to every job.
    Very nice, I hope I can pick up a job like that!
    syncrowave 250
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    spectrum 375
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    14in vertical band saw
    14in cold cut saw
    and now a 24x40 shop


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    The one I did recently, with 3/4" pickets, 60" tall weighed in at 400+ pounds per 10' section. We couldn't get equipment in there as they did the landscape first, and it was a hard rock dig for the post holes. There were several hundred feet of it. Doing the twists, and top details is fun work, but after a thousand times it starts to get old. So be careful what you wish for. The pay did make up for a lot of the inconvenience!

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    Sorry marine 7, I have a new computer so my pictures are scattered in different areas, I cant even do current pics.

    My $ 125.00 per ft fence has some fancy caps on 2" square posts, 4" round circles under the top rail and 5/8" solid square pickets, There are 3 horizontal tubes.

    The black smiths in my area get even more per ft. There are some great Blacksmiths in the Ann Arbor, MI area.

    I don't even try to compete with those guys.

    However, when it comes to stainless or aluminum rails they usually shy away from that type of work ( Different types of tools.)

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