Hey guys. I've done some TIG welding on stainless sheet metal, but i was using newer machines, with fancier controls. I've recently bought a mid-80s model DialArc HF for my weekend projects. I'm not real sure how fine i'll be able to dial this machine down, but i believe the lowest setting is something like 10 Amps. It will be interesting and fun to learn the nuances of this machine after using inverter based, digitally controlled machines.

My question for you guys is...

What do you think of the old Miller DialArc HF? How do you like welding with it? Any major short-comings/issues with the machine in general?

The machine currently is equipped with a foot pedal, but i would much prefer using finger/thumb controls on the TIG torch. I plan on picking up a finger/thumb controller once i get everything else in order.