I have been raised in and around farming,heavy equipment, factory's but never imagined myself working in an aluminum foundry and frankly didn't really like the idea to tell you the truth. However when push came to shove I filled out the application. Not onlyGot a job but was one of the lucky few to get hired as a newcomer right into the machine shop. I've been there for a few no. Now and the welder was let go. A the spot was ripe for the taking. So with a little bs and some good understanding of reading people and placing my words in just the right order I was moved into the welder pos. And as a bonus I was placed on the day shift 5 days a week with of. If I want .S.O.B! Now what the heck was I gonna do... I grabbed the welder by the balls and soaked up everything I possibly could from some very qualified and worthy veterans of the Ind. Still have lots to learn however I am now successfully welding milled cast aluminum parts for some very large manufacturing company's in the auto industry! I love it and would love to share what I have picked up and learned with anyone who will listen. Proud to be proud of myself.