Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum and also quite new to welding. I just picked up a Miller 211 last month so that I can do my own welding work on my motorcycle....don't worry, I only weld stuff that isn't life threatening as of now (i.e. brackets and things like that).

I love the welder, but I'm not sure if I'm using it right. I'm using it with my 110v socket right now; don't have 220 in the garage yet. And using 75/25 gas that the guy at the welding shop hooked me up with when I got the welder.

Anyway, the Auto-set function doesn't seem to work for me. I have the wire size correct on the knob and metal thickness is correct, but when I go to weld it seems the wire speed is just way too fast. I can feel the wire pushing into the metal and the gun kicking back. So I've just been using the machine without the autoset, which I'm totally fine with doing. I open up the machine to find recommended settings for the piece based on my 110v and wire size, but all the recommended settings seem to be putting my wire speed too high too. When I use the recommended setting, again I feel like the gun is kicking back at me. So I usually turn the wirespeed down about 2-3 numbers and it feels good and looks good (to me at least). I'm just worried that I'm doing something wrong or have something setup wrong. I was told that wire speed dictates penetration, so if I'm turning down my wire speed, I worry that I'm not getting the penetration I'm supposed to. Any thoughts on this?

Also, a buddy of mine has the same welder at his shop that has 220v setup. I had to go down there to weld some 5/8 round stock to some 3/16 plate because I didn't think my 110v setup was up to the task. He had it on autoset and it felt the way it should, unlike when I use autoset on mine.

Do you think its an issue with my power?

Also, last question I swear, how do I know if I'm getting enough penetration and if my weld will survive? I make sure the welds are not too narrow or tall and I check the toes to see if they appear to go into the pieces. also for some welds I use a hammer and whack it a few good times to see if it will budge or crack the weld (not sure if this is effective in any way or just dumb). Any tips for non-destructive checking of my welds?

I'm not sure if I'm providing enough info for answers, so if I'm too vague about something, please let me know. Looking forward to learning and sharing on this forum.

Thanks ya'll!