Got a small job today at my old elementary school, hadn't been it since I was 12yrs old, fitty now.

Its been kept up but not a school anymore. I was floored. No words for the feeling as I walked into the place and down the main hall. It was like I was watching some kind of movie or had died and came back. Kind of seeing me from 6 to 12 in the place. Yea weird I know, but that was a first for me ever, being confronted with so many memories at once.

Oh yea, welding. Clips on the bottom of seats where they have plays now. Probably spring steel. 16 gage, Have to make some replacements. Guess I'll use mild steel. They only have to install once. Just holds the seat bottom as it spring folds up when someone gets up.

Weld the found clips on with tiny tacks all around and hope for the best. Have to move back the fabric and foam and I ain't no seat fixer but I couldn't leave them without trying to help.

Any suggestions for 16 gage spring steel source? 1" wide, 2 1/2" long have to bend like a Z sort of.