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Thank you H80N!

Yes, my concern was in regards to the blue lighting and also the age of the unit. Any idea on how long I can expect this unit to last?

I went to my local welding supply store today and purchased tungsten tips for stainless and aluminum, filler rod, and a new Miller welding mask. The unit arrives next Tuesday and I can not wait to start practicing my welds.
Would expect it to last as long or longer than one of the transformer machines..
your machine has already been around for a while so any "infant mortality" issues are long past... and would expect it to give you many many years of service...

I would also download and read/understand the manual... it is a complex machine with many setting options that can be set... pretty easy to get tangled up in conflicting settings and confuse the machine and operator..
"Reset to Factory Defaults" can be your friend

manual site.. plug in your serial#