Hello, i'm new here and i hope my thread is in the right area.
Anyway here's my problem. I purchased a used miller 350 with the xr edge push pull gun. It's a 2006 model which runs off 600v. Not 240v. I also purchased a pulse card from miller which plugs right in with no issues. The machine is recognizing the card i presume because it's giving me the pulse feature in the setup menu. Now when i hook up my xr edge push pull it only uses the drive rollers in the gun itself, which isn't strong enough to pull the wire out. The drive rollers in the machine do not engage and help feed it. In the set-up mode it's showing spoolgun but i do have the options for edge, python and alumpro. But i don't think it's recognizing the gun. But when i hook up my regular whip for steel mig the machine drive rollers work 100%. Am i missing a set-up step somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.