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    Default stick weld aluminum

    Why do most think stick welding aluminum is so hard ? I did once think so until I heard you need 1/4" or thicker to be sucessful. It could save you money because you do not have to buy a mig spool gun or a ac tig machine. the trick is to have an arc force machine and instead of the recommended polarity which is electrode + , try using electrode -! It is a fast welding process when welding aluminum however, and in order to get it to tie in you need the right arc force because just cranking amperage up will not help. with the right arc force ,sanding off the oxide layer and using straight polarity and finding you're own perfect setting it is easy. I made a weld that would be perfect however it was my first succesful attempt and it did have buckshot. I wire wheeled the slag off and the end result was mig quality with a flat stack of dimes bead profile. In order to be sucessful you also need to work the stick rod forward and back! Make sure the setting is good enough to tie in when you first start. I could probably make money teaching how to stick rod aluminum. that is how hard it seems , but a little luck and i pretty much guessed the right setting for my machine. I also know how to weld 22gauge SS using a miller dynasty set at 13 amps using 035 filler mig wire ,because it melts at a lower temp than using 1/16" tig rod.

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    Show a pic or it never happened!

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    Default stick weld aluminum

    I've used alum rods once. Had good results I guess. Jet ski slip broke away from boat house. Was gonna have to go home and get my mig but the guy had a few alum rods. Fired up the ole boobcat and ran thru the same routine as mig or tig. Still attached after two more summers of wear and tear. To me it looked like one of my poorer initial spoolgun beads. Had porosity in places but I assumed the rods weren't completely dry.
    Please post some pix of them stacked alum SMAW dimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerboy View Post
    Show a pic or it never happened!
    I will have to second that request.......???????

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    Default Stick welding aluminum

    Hello Everyone. I have on occasion had to use the stick aluminum electrodes. I agree they can be useful, but for most stuff they can be a bit of a pain to use successfully. I agree that some stuff can be band-aided together in the field, but it would be better to get the item to the shop to do it better with the Mig or Tig. I have all the gear to do field work which is the most expensive option, but yields the best results. That being said the stick rods can be the ace up the sleeve. I have also seen some guys lay down the most turkey poop like welds i have ever seen and call it good enough only to have someone else come and do it properly. In a pinch yes, but for real aesthetics the pre/post weld cleanup is more work than using another process better suited.
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    alu stick works that's the way they use to do it in my area, they were repairing loading ramps for cars coming out of GM plant to rail road carts. I have seen them repaired by now old men and it exactly looked like a stack of dimes, one of these old guys is my ex father in law and he was looking over my shoulder on my first attempt to stick alu on an hydraulic pump housing, i surely would have drilled holes into it without him but in the end it was fairly good, the pump is still working every day for the last 15 years or so. these rods are burning pretty fast ...

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    Default stick weld aluminum

    Pics I would like to see that.
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