Got a call to make new collector boxes for the downspouts on a gas station canopy. Old ones were completely rusted out. The rainwater flows to four of these that are welded around the main posts. The problem was since it is a "live" gas station no torching, grinding or welding could be done. I designed an aluminum box with three sides & the fourth side bolted on. Cut the old ones off with a sawzall as close as I could & mounted the new ones by drilling & tapping into the columns. Very sore legs as I was up & down a ladder while doing the job. The canopy is 14' to the underside.

DSC00354.JPGDSC00432.JPGDSC00412 (640x425).jpgDSC00415 (640x425).jpgDSC00416 (640x425).jpg

In the first pic you can see the gutter/trough is rotting out also. After he paid me for this he now wants me to patch these up. Everything is steel so it's rotting out from lack of maintenance over the years. Somebody tried patching the top side (inside) by laying some kind of panel in & gluing rubber over it. Didn't work out so well. My plan is to bend up an aluminum cover to go over the outside & screw it on with lots of sealer/caulk. Then go up top & try to seal it with some sort of roofing tar etc. Problem now is it is November & not to many warm days to apply sealers & stuff.