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    I have a 180 Miller and welded off a generator. The genny was a 6500W Generac and I was using the 220 plug. I could weld but no more than about 3/4 to an inch at a time as the generator would pull down really bad and no longer power the arc.
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    For some reason I seem to like the 211 on 220v. The 110 option just seems different.

    Ran it on 110v on a very low setting, thin sheet and still changed it over to 220v after a few minutes. Perhaps it just me not learning it enough on 110v.

    Last job it ran great on 60' plus, 12/3 cord off a generator on the 220v side.

    I know, who would rig up for 220v on 12/3. Been working great for light jobs.

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    The outlet on the generator could be junk, replacing the outlet would be my first try.

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    Two other possibilities - one, the 140 volts is too high and may be tricking the MVP circuit into thinking it's getting 230 volts.

    Two, if that 3500 watts is the LARGER of two ratings genny's usually show, it's SURGE watts and CONTINUOUS watts would be more in the range of 2500 watts.

    Three ( I lied :=) you either have a crap generator (140 volts??!?) or a crap meter. I'd check to see which... Steve

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