I purchased a new digital elite the other day. The first job I put it to the test with was a small gouge and weld job. The hood was working great but after the 3rd 4" arcair pass i started to see triple and it has never came back to normal. The hood was never any closer than 2' to the arc and did not get hot, just as a note. I have replaced all the lenses and made sure they were in proper. Also, I heard that a way to stop the illusion is to flip the shade in the rubber surround so it will be closer to the outer cover lense but this did not work; I have also tryed covering up the back of the hood so no outside light could get in but that did not work either. The only way I could get the illusion to stop was while welding use my finger and push the outer cover lense (bend it) closer to the shade, but when i release my finger the lense comes back out and the illusion returns.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated