ihave 4 dewalt grinders and one that I just can't think of the name right now it's blue . but anyway I haven't bought a grinder in years due to the fact that parts are so cheap on the internet that I just rebuild them. I pickup old grinders on the jobs that the companies are throwing out because the brushed or motors bearings done went out so I take them home disassemble them and order the parts I need and fix them.i have yet to come across a grinder that's broken and would cost more to fix than repair unless the grinder was run over with a crane or truck it can be fixed the motors hardly ever go out it's mostly the brushes and bearings the motors on them are very durable and can take a beating.as for as the stainless work you could have used regular steel and buffed it down when finished then come over it with a clearcoat that would keep the polished steel look for a fraction of the price for stainless steel.