Hello All-
I'll try an make this short enough and get to my point .

I'm about to graduate from a Tech College for welding Pipe/Maint-Fab diplomas. Making a career change in life. All my interests resort to becoming a pipefitter or pipewelder. Have welded as hobby all my life but zero hours on job exp as a welder. I was an IT web designer till my job went to India..

I'm a straight A student, have earned all college granted stress test Certs. All positions, pipe/structural (SMAW,GTAW,GMAW).

Are there any hot spots, personal contacts, websites or job search engines recommended aside from Indeed.com??

I would really like to get involved with few weeks on, one week off type of rotation if possible, ie: North Dakota, Oil Sands, Shipyards..

Any information will be put to good use and very much appreciated !!
Thanks for reading!!