I just finished this headache rack for a budy of mine for his dodge dually.hope you guys like it.the harse shoes are real horse shoes the two small ones are from a regular horse and the big one up top in the middle is a clydsdale. I put 4 coats of bronze on them and sanded them down then I ran a buffing wheel over the horse I cut out so that way the top of the raised part would shine . for the details on the horse I just ran a mig over the lines I drew to give it some sorta detail. after I finished I sprayed it with bed liner and then put a nice thick coat of clear gloss over the shoes and horse just to keep the shoes shiny and the details on the horse that I buffed down to stay shiny and not rust.the horse was torch cut and the horse shoes was brazed they took over 25 brazing rods to do them.