My 250dx worked perfect about 6 months ago. I turned it off after doing a little aluminum welding and haven't used it in like i said about 6 months. I used it recently and it welded for about 2-3 seconds and shut off displaying a code -19. I looked it up in the manual and it said, low coolant. I changed out the old coolant, cleaned the tank because there was some brown crude in there, cleaned the stainless screen type filter because that brown crude was in there to, and filled it up with the miller coolant and it still shuts off in 2-3 seconds with the 19 code. I read where someone suggested checking the pressure switch, which i don't know how to do,or it could be a clogged torch or bad pump. I went through the prime mode described in the manual and the pump sounded like it was running and the clear lense filter filled up with the coolant, so i think the pump is running. Any suggestions on what could be wrong and how i might check it so i can get it back going. Thanks.