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    Default Make side money welding from home

    What kind of bender do you have. What do you mean you have lots of dies but they are for 3/4" tubing?

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    Default Yard Art and Trailer Mods

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardrock40 View Post
    I'd have to agree with this.

    I am doing what your thinking of and found Tig to be my most used process.

    If your Mig only, advertise what work you can do and go for that. Practice with it every day and get good. Go after the lawn care guys. Mig is perfect for that equipment. Racks for trailers, expanded metal, mowers you name it.

    Its small time work but could get you better things later on. Mig is good for yard art also, make something to sell.
    Like you said, it seems as though the yard art and the trailer mods for lawn care guys have been my most frequent customers. I would like to get more of this sort of thing. Do you have any suggestions for advertisement? I have used craigslist mostly and I have had mediocre results. I have approached the lawn care guys and have handed them cards. I have stopped by trailer stores and left cards there and advised the owners of my business.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sberry View Post
    This may or may not relate to the original question,, ha.

    People that know you are interested give you stuff. My neighbor had no use for these.

    The reason I spun off,,, I would be on lookout for used, back in the day we bought a lot of new that rides the bench, I still get caught on that on occasion, but its smaller and less of a jolt than just starting out. Learn to be modest about tooling, I bought a lot and a lot of attachments to have the best and in the end used a 300$ welder 10 times as much as a 3000$ one. Stick to small and practical and really make sure you need something before going out on a limb.

    2nd,, back then if you wanted anything near now would have to wait on unpredictable results. Now can go in to a store and buy a wrench off the shelf 24/7, a grinder or order it from home at some crazy cheap price. Imitation and competition has made a lot of stuff go down in price. Supplys went up, tools down.
    Actually it does relate to the original topic as I bought that bender on a whim. I was in this guy's shop to see if he needed help tig welding stainless when I noticed the di-acro bender sitting in the corner collecting dust. (should have been my first clue) I had used one of those benders in junior high to do some scrolling work so I offered him $300 for the bender. I looked it up on e-bay and the bender alone goes for $900-$1200 used, so I know I can make a profit by selling it if I can't get much use out of it. The guy threw in the stand and the dies as well. I have used the bender for some scroll work but would like to learn more of it's capability and maybe get some use out of the 3/4" dies as I have 4 different radiuses.

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    Default Di Acro Bender

    Quote Originally Posted by Texas113 View Post
    What kind of bender do you have. What do you mean you have lots of dies but they are for 3/4" tubing?
    I have (4) 3/4" tubing dies, each with different radiuses. I believe the diameters are 8" 16" and 24" . I have the outside roller/forming nose that forms the outside of the tubing and I have the locking collar that holds the tube against the die.


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    Those very nice benders. My bender just sits there most of the time, but when you need it, you need it. I started by just doing my own projects. It seems that once you get a handful of your own stuff done, people start asking of you can do things for them. It just grows from there.

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    Those DiAcro's are really nice always thought i wanted one. Now i don't have time for the 3 benders i have. I used to walk thru the DiAcro factory a few times a month when it was here in NE Ohio as they did my powder coating also but it went belly up and was resold to a Wis company where it is now...Bob
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