Hi, all,
I've been a long time reader of this forum, but never had a need to sign in and post before. Tons of great info here! I am learning to weld (self-taught), and purchased a used 250X. Last night, I noticed the volt meter fluctuating, which I haven't noticed before (at least not to this extent). I was welding 1/8 steel, with the volts set to 17.3. When I released the trigger, the meter was reading 16.4, but after a few seconds reset to 17.3.
This morning, I went back out to fool around some more with it. While welding, the voltage drops, then fluctuates (bounces!) between 16.2 and 17.3, rarely getting over 17.0. When I release the trigger, it usually stops at 16.4, then, four seconds later, bounces back to 17.3. I then thought to check the voltage without load: I turned the gas off, opened the drive wheels, and pulled the trigger. The voltage read 17.3 for 2 seconds, then dropped to 17.0 and held. When the trigger was released, four seconds later, the voltage went back up to 17.3. I pulled the cover off of my sub-panel to make sure the input voltage wasn't dropping, but it stays at 240V.
I assume this isn't normal, that the voltage should remain fairly constant. Can someone point me in a direction to problem and cure? Thanks in advance!