Some time ago I bought a set of Dewalt pilot point drill bits. I have found that its not a good idea to drill a pilot hole for a larger bit as the tip of the bigger bit is easily broken off.

Recently Ive had a couple of jobs to do that for some reason consumed several bits in the process. Job one, drilled holes for self tapping bolts in a flatbed trailer deck. First drilled large hole in aluminum(for bolt to pass thru) then drill smaller hole in steel I beam crossmember(for self tapping portion). Putting in about a dozen bolts, I managed to bend the larger bit and bend or break off three of the smaller ones. This was all done with a half inch B&D drill. These bits seem to "catch" badly just when the hole is almost complete.

Today with a near new(19 holes) bit(same size as the small ones above, 17/64) I broke one off in aluminum. Im frustrated beyond belief as its about a 60 mile round trip to buy new bits.

Did I end up with crappy tools with a good name on them or am I doing something wrong? What brand bits are you professionals using? Do you guys use them by the bucketfuls too???