I have a Diversion 180, I just wanted to know, in Australia our power points are 240v. I have a 15A outlet, can i use the Multi voltage plug which is for 115v and with the NEMA 5-15P connector or do I have to use the 240v Multi voltage plug with the NEMA 6-50P connector??

I have a lead which goes from the 15A plug types used in Australia to a NEMA 5-15R connector. Just wanting to know if Im able to use this with the Miller 115V/15A MVP or if I have to make up a new lead which makes use of a NEMA 6-50R connector on the other end to mate with the Miller 240v MVP...

Do the Multi Voltage Plugs have any electrics inside of them or are they just so you can swap between 115v and 240v outlets???