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Thread: Lincoln SAE 300

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sberry View Post
    If I was closer would give you an engine.
    If you were closer to me I'd buy your SA-200.
    Good Luck,
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    I think the guy drove from Iowa to get the last one. I should and could have got 500 more for it but it moved in a flash and had very few hrs on it. The one I have now has had a hew engine in it I believe. The hood is a replacement but all the workmanship is very good. I cleaned the fuel tank and added a shut off.
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    If you have the head off pour them standing full over the top of the piston and give them a love tap a couple of times a day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Miller View Post
    I have not tried the white vinegar thing.
    I'll try that next.
    Thank you,

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