This is my second time to write this post. I must have worded the other post incorrectly as the web master would not post it?

I poured diesel in the cylinders and stuff red rags down the cylinders.
I then set it on fire all the while trying to break it loose with 2 ft' long wrench.
All I did was tighten the pulley bolt. I burned for over an hour.
So I covered the pistons with PB Blaster penetrating oil.
2 weeks later still nothing. In fact the oil is still on top of the pistons.
The crankshaft is in a position so the 1 and 6 cylinders are down a about 2''.
Should I try an air hammer on piece of shaft the same size as the piston?
Again with the big wrench at the same time?
Thanks again,
Good Luck,