About 6 years ago I bought a Speedglas 9000F hood. It is a really nice hood. It has a number 12 lens and as I am only running mig now, I cannot see a darned thing but the puddle. I just called 3M to get a new 10 lens and was told that it is 3 generations old and it would cost me $400 for a new lens, so I may as well just buy a new helmet. Now, to me, that is just tremendous customer service.

I'm in business and I understand product cycles, but you have to buy from people who support their products after the sale. In my opinion, speedglas has done anything but. Parts are a profit center but they should not be priced so that you push your customers away. At least that is the way I see it

I guess I'll run down and pick up that new Miller helmet I was looking at yesterday.