Hey guys, first time poster here.. I've searched posts and found threads about recommended generators for the Maxstar 150's but nothing on the 200. I bought a Miller Maxstar 200 DX a few weeks ago and am looking to run it off a generator. It has a 230v plug on it now. The airgas the guy I bought it from told me "no less then 10,000 watts" which seems awfully high, seeings how people are recommending 5500 watt for the Maxstar 150. My father has a 6500 watt gen., and a friend has a 8500 watt gen. Would either of these work for me? Could I ruin/destroy my machine if I use a generator smaller then recommended? What advantages would having a 460v plug on it vs. a 230v plug? Would it be worth changing?

Please, only considerate and helpful posts are wanted! Thanks for all the input everyone!