Im thinking of buying a little diversion 165 for my little tig projects that i run across once in a blue moon. What are the pros and cons of that machine? I currently have a mm252, 2 old bobcat 225g, and a bobcat 250. I want a good ac/dc tig machine so i can have good heat control. Any suggestions? What would i need to buy to tig with remote on my bobcat 250? Im new to the forums here. Ive been welding since 2005 i was a Hull Tech in the Navy from 05-09(for yall who dont know thats basically a glorified plumber/welder). I used my GI bill to put myself through weld school and now i currently work as a production mig and tig welder building mostly SS parts and some mild steel work for Hunter Marine sailboats. I cant afford a dynasty or a syncrowave so thats why i am looking at the diversion. Any input positive or negative is very greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.