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    What is your idea of portable? I'm completely portable and do 90% of my work outside and a millermatic 252 is very impractical but the miller extreme 12vs suitcase wire feeder with flux core is practical. Also you could tig of the bobcat engine drive mentioned earlier. These other guys on here will have to fill you in on the aluminum.

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    Default So

    portability to me is when i can load up my welder and go. i can haul around anything from 0-200pounds, but i dont want a 200+ welder in my truck bed at all times. i do want a big good engine driven welder but i dont have my own garage to put it in. i cant seem to find a tig welder or any welder that will run off my 7500w 30a generator. i dont want to use the electricity (power) at the place im staying at cuz its not my place. i would like the millermatic 212 or 252 or the diversion180 but it just doesn't seem plausible right now. so i will have to wait till i get a place of my own. i dont have money to buy a bobcat AND a diversion180 or multimatic200 my wife would kill me. at tops i will spend $3000-4000 for everything tig and gas.

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    Have you thought about putting all the welding equipment in an enclosed trailer? With that set up you would not need to have anything on your truck at all times. Just hook up and go with it when you need to. It keeps it out of the weather, and out of site of thieves.
    If you have a means of lifting, you could build a welding skid for your stuff, and put it on the truck when it needs transport, remove it when not needed.
    That's two options to enhance your portability, without having to keep everything on your truck all the time.

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    Pretty sure Miller has just flat said the 252 is not to run off of a generator.
    Just sayin'
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    Default need help

    Ok i have one more question for ya. so i bought the Miller diversion 180 welder and i went to plug the 20a 250 volt plug into my generator and it wont fit into my generator. My generator does not have a 20A 250volt plug, it has a 50A A.C. 240volt plug which is a little bigger than the welder plug. what should i do? do i need to get an adaptor or a transformer? where do i get one of these?

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    Default is generator compadible with millermatic 252
    You will want the 14-30 nema to the 6-50r. 14-30 is what is on your genny and the 6-50!is what's normally on 240.

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