Every cast I weld is different. 4043 has less tendency to crack with the inconsistencies of welding cast just because it's more ductile.I'm generally not worried about that small gain in tensile strength with cast repairs as they are usually one of a kind, somewhat dirty, unknown contents and such. That's all. Most cast repairs I do are a design flaw so I reinforce them. I'd gladly use 4943 if that's all I had but I have both and the ductility helps with castings as they are mating surfaces that need to have a minor "give" to them. Dave
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From all that I can see... 4943 offers superior performance to 4043 in welding cast as well..

what is the reasoning in using 4043 for that purpose if you have 4943 on hand..??

The merits of 4943 on TIG welding cast aluminum as opposed to other alloys like 4043 was the reason for starting this thread in the first place...and all points pro and con.. so if you could elaborate why... am sure many of us would like to hear..