Hello everyone!

New to the forum, this is my first post. I own a small machine shop, and do a little bit of welding now and then. I have an XMT 304 that I totally love, but I needed something to weld aluminum, so I picked up a used syncrowave 250 with a water cooled torch. I cant seem to get it to throttle. My pedal is a RFCS 14 and it works perfectly on the XMT. High freq works fine, too good actually, to end a weld I have to pull away. Amperage is set to the unit, not remote 14, and output is set to remote 14. With amperage set to remote 14, I get these cool lightening bolts that look like those gas filled sphere light things you can buy at the mall. With output set to "on" I get some sparks when I drag the tungsten across the work, but thats about it.
When I brought it home it had a sticker that read "wired for 240". Great! I hooked it up, and it sounded really weird, and the fan in the chiller was going really slow. I found out about the jumpers and turns out it was wired for 480. Did I smoke something? Or am I over looking a setting somewhere?
Thanks for you help.