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What type of projects do you have in mind?

You really can't beat a wire feeder mig machine like the MM211 for home/hobby stuff.

Where are you located? I heard that Farm & Fleet is having a sale on the Hobart handlers 190 and 210

If you have the coin the Multimatic is a nice machine but quite the $ for a home machine.

... Nice Repo Man reference
well, i'd like to be capable of doing enough welding/cutting/brazing to support building a house (i know, more carpentry skills needed for that, doing that too) and light fabrication of trailers (i came across literature on how travel trailers didnt exist unless you built it yourself...so I want to make one to my specs as opposed to buying) and general construction.

i work as a software support at a defense contractor. i make about 3 or 4 times as much as I could as a welder, but I want to learn it to shore up my skills. I dont expect to work here forever, im a contractor....but once im out of this field i dont expect to come back. i spent 10 years as a draftsman for an OEM manufacturer and i miss working closely with shop processes to create things. I see a value add to that. I remember pulling my hair out trying to make a design (this was on a 2D cad system....i now support high end 3D systems that have complete welding packages in them) that would satisfy customer requirements AND be capable of being built with a minimum of effort. I was amazed at some of the quality work the welders did....they could make stainless steel structural supports so smooth it looked like it was CNC machined.

after doing that I went to work for a series of IBM business partners supporting and teaching the software at various aerospace manufacturers....Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky aircraft, Ingalls Shipyards....but always from an educational and support standpoint. i miss creating things

Ive learned enough blueprint reading, GD&T and other industry practices from the design standpoint and now i am seeing how it is implemented on the manufacturing side.

im starting out all over again

....and to think about how we welded on the job way back when. to clarify, i was doing maintenance for an apartment complex and was making steel railings, balconies and stairs for refurbishing. it wasnt anywhere close to strict manufacturing quality. when i read about safety and preparation i am horrified at what we did!