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    "Dry Gas" is not ethanol. The good stuff is isopropyl alcohol. The cheap stuff is methanol and should be avoided at all costs. I've had success with fixing water issues in gasoline with Dry Gas even though most of the gasolines available these days have 10% ethanol in them. You'd think that the ethanol would help with water issues but it doesn't and seems to make almost everything worse.

    A little bottle of Dry Gas will only cost a couple of bucks, it won't hurt anything, and it may actually make the thing run.

    See if you can find gasoline without ethanol in it. It's nearly impossible in some states but as a last resort, try to find an airport which has "MoGas" available. It's non-ethanol unleaded gasoline for airplanes and most places will sell it to you in your gas can even if you don't drive up in your airplane. Expect to pay $4.00 to $5.00 a gallon for it but it's well worth it. Carburetors for small engines cost $100 to $200 or more and the good fuel is well worth the cost.

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    Am I the only one (besides Flying Pig) that noticed the change of title back on post # 15??

    "I had the carbureator cleaned properly by an expert and it runs like new"

    Rather than additives, I've just gone to straight gas for all but my cars and trucks, this link may help.

    It's typically as much as a buck more a gallon, but I'm sick and tired of trying to get a saw or weed eater to run with that "congressional" gas crap
    so it's cheap peace of mind IMO... Steve

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    I had a bobcat like yours it got wet one time and the water got down in the carb and stopped up the idle jet. Seems like it was on the back side of the carb pretty hard to get too. Opened it up and blew it out with light air pressure was good to go after that.

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