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    The oil had not been changed in a long time. It was dirty and black.
    So I put the right quantity of 30 weight in,and of course new oil ,air and fuel filters.
    I want to drain gas tank but do not know how to.
    I'm going to check voltage of battery also.
    Cleaning all the conectors is in my plan too.
    I found an owners manual at I need a service manual. I will keep searching. someone suggested ebay.
    Thanks again. I love this website

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    You need a service manual for the engine. On the side of the engine there should be a tag with the engine make/model & maybe some #s. For instance Kohler, Onan, Subaru etc. This would be the manual are searching for not a Miller specific manual.
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    Symptoms are pretty consistent with water in fuel. I'd dump the carb bowl, and pump out the gas, or add some dry gas to the tank. Update your user cp with your location, maybe a local guy can help you out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a12bsmilin View Post
    This is my first experience here. I am hoping to find help with my welder problem.
    my bobcat 225g has trouble starting then stalls in a couple minutes.
    I thought installing a tune up kit would help, but it didnt.

    The kit included all new filters and spark plugs.
    the hour meter shows 1366.
    I am not a mechanic so I dont know what to do.
    I bought this used machine 11 months ago,and I am depending on it to do side jobs with. Any tips would be much appreciated
    I haven't worked much on welders. Spent a lot of time turning wrenches on cars and bikes. Just a possibility-but if it starts, then quits, it might be a clogged vent line on your fuel tank. Sitting for a while the fuel will drain from the tank and fill the float bowl on the carb. The when you start it, supply can't meet the demand.

    Without the venting the fuel tank will form a vacuum and not let the fuel flow. Just a guess! Good luck.

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    Default I had the carbureator cleaned properly by an expert and it runs like new

    I have learned much from my experience here.the ethanol in fuel these days harms a carburator.its helpful to add stabil gas treatment to the gas to counteract the effects. Thanks

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    Check the pick up in the fuel tank. It was a flimsy set up in the older machines. It may be losing its prime.

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    if you changed your fuel filter make sure you have the flow arrow in the right direction or it will run for a minute or two then shut down

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    Try a double dose of Seafoam in the tank. Most "Drygas" is nothing more than ethanol The same stuff you are trying to get rid of. You can also get some Seafoam spray and spray the carb throat. As far as draining the gas in the tank use a hose and siphon it out add fresh gas. Pull your plugs DRY them gap them reinstall and try again.

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    This has all been good advice and Im glad to see you got it running right.

    This is for anyone else in trouble.

    When you check the plugs for spark, it has to be a BLUE spark. If the spark is orange, that indicates that your coil is likely bad. An orange spark will not jump the gap and light a fire under compression.
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    STA-BIL is your friend for all small engines this time of year, or when they sit for prolonged periods. I've used it for many years (motorcycles, mowers, cars, trucks, my spare fuel in jerrycans) and it saves much suffering. I ignore the directions and use much more than recommended. Run the engine so your treated fuel makes it to the carb or injectors, depending on the engine.

    I don't get paid to clean my own carbs and the rebuild kits aren't cheap any more.

    BTW you can dip carbs in Pine-Sol (don't use generic pine oil, something in Pine-Sol works even better) and it works better than all other carb dips I've tried over decades. Doesn't munch plastic either, and you can do carbs in the kitchen sink which helps with convenient hot water for flushing. Smells like a "G.I. Party" so vets may get nostalgic.

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