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    Sep 2013

    Default Iim a weldor not a mechanic

    This is my first experience here. I am hoping to find help with my welder problem.
    my bobcat 225g has trouble starting then stalls in a couple minutes.
    I thought installing a tune up kit would help, but it didnt.

    The kit included all new filters and spark plugs.
    the hour meter shows 1366.
    I am not a mechanic so I dont know what to do.
    I bought this used machine 11 months ago,and I am depending on it to do side jobs with. Any tips would be much appreciated

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    Has it been sitting for a while? Maybe try to change out the gas and clean the carb.
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    Default Iim a weldor not a mechanic

    Fuel Air Fire. Start with that.

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    Aug 2013


    Take the bowl off the carb and make sure float/needle are not stufff. Remove the couple small brass jets and make sure u can see daylight through them. Dave

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    As is always best when asking for tech info please provide serial # of unit.

    When cranking over can you smell gas? Are the plugs wet? This would mean your getting fuel. If it starts & dies out shortly maybe the fuel filter is clogged or the pump is getting weak. (is this one of the filters you replaced?)

    Have you checked the spark? Do you have any when cranking it over? Have you checked the points if it has them? If you are mechanically inclined I would buy a service manual for your engine. They can be found on e-bay or else ware.

    By the little info you've given it sounds like a fuel issue but?
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    Jun 2013


    I am looking for a engine drive but would go propane just because it of the fuel issue.

    But your problem could be spark related to even a bad key kill switch (not in the engine at all). Figure it out.

    But don't go ripping a carb apart for the first time without supervision if you have no experience with such things.

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    Dec 2012
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    All the suggestions above are good ones but the saying in the fire and Ems system is "First do no harm". Please don't tear the bowl off the carb with out someone being there with you that has knowledge enough to help. One person had it right, fuel, fire and air.
    Fuel- A. Fresh fuel
    B. Replace filter.
    C. While you have the line unhooked check to see you are getting a full stream all the way to the carb.
    Fire- A. New plugs properly gaped, (you said you replaced them).
    B. Not sure of the age but if there is a box on the side of the motor
    which houses points clean them with a fine piece of sand paper (wife's
    emery board works) then rub a penny thru them. Make sure when you
    crank the motor they are moving apart, set gap to manufacturer
    suggested speck. Their may be a screw to loosen so you will have to
    C. Remove a plug and attach the wire to the plug, ground the side of the
    plug to the motor and crank to see if you are getting spark. If not try
    re-grounding and move to the next plug if still no spark. Lots of checks
    here but check for bad wires. You will need someone with more
    knowledge or a service manual if still no spark. (make sure a fresh/
    charged battery is being used and the engine cranks well. If it cranks
    labored or slow check the battery and if no change there may be a
    timing issue (popping out the exhaust or breather is one sign but not
    Air- A. Remove air filter and check the path to the motor to ensure there are no restrictions/blockages.
    B. Clean/replace air filter.

    Hope this helps and try to get a service manual because it will help so much.
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    seaford de


    If your not a mechanic you should probably either take it to one or have one help you out. You could create more problems that will cost you alot more in the long run

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    Sep 2013

    Default Im a weldor learning to be a bobcat 225g mechanic

    Thank you all for the help.
    I will find a service manual for this machine.
    That's excellent advice.
    It had been sitting about a month since last use. We have had a lot of rain here and it did get wet. I welded a project with it a few days ago but after using it an hour it stalled. It would start again, but wouldn't stay running more than a minute.
    I don't even know how to drain the gas.
    The spark plugs are new but I didn't set the gap.They looked like the old ones I removed so I put them in. I will set them properly with a gauge now.The plugs did get wet when I was cranking it, and I did smell gas.
    It doesn't even start now and and it seems like it drains the battery while trying.
    Spraying starting fluid into the carburetor helped before, but not now.
    I bought it used so I don't know how old it is.
    The serial # h987783979
    The manual will help me keep up with the maintenance, which OBVIOUSLY is what it is lacking. After removing the covers I found some bird nests. It had been sitting around a farm awhile before I got it.
    Thanks again. I love this website

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    Dec 2010


    did you check the oil? my bobcat 250 was shutting down after I changed the oil. it was hard to tell how high it was on the dipstick due to the new oil being so clear. ater I drained all the oil and then put some more in"the correct amount this time" that it ran perfect.

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