I was given a 14'-6" diameter by 15' aluminum fertilizer tank. The local farm supply is becoming less farm and more suburb so they dropped custom chemical application and fertilizer for Weber grills and go carts (utv). I just had to get it home. So I did some math and figure it weighed 6000# and made a homemade lowboy out of a wagon axle and 4" square. I ran it down the state road at daybreak with the Deere and only had to poke one cable wire over the front edge. State trooper just waved on his way to coffee and the country cops never got off the phone to look much less wave.

Unlike the farm supply I am not going to build a massive concrete containment vessel to park this thing in and I will not fill more than a semi load of 28% (6' deep?) For a short time.

Inspecting the bottom of the tank I found a stain around an intrusion in a weld seam. I do not have a man hole to get inside. I have an old Hobart square wave tig and I might be able to reach the spot from underneath but have not welded overhead tig on Aluminum. Try it? Tear the top off and inspect inside and spool gun what I find would be the right way but also easy to get killed without the lifting capacity.

1/4 aluminum overhead Tig or get more into it and call for a spool gun or spend for new aluminum welding capacity?