Hello to the all of the miller welding fans out there.

I'm new to the forums. What i wanted to know was which machine you guys would recommend. I have mig welding experience, and some tig welding experience. I'm by no means an expert or do this for a living. I graduated earlier this year from school with a degree in construction engineering/construction management. I'm currently looking for work, so i cant invest into a machine currently. I'm using my buddy's miller 135. I had to change the regulator to get it going. But since he is working on his 1950 Willys Jeep, he is doing hole and panel repair and is complaining about burning holes/burning through in the metal. Sorry for the long post.

But my question is 2 fold: Any suggestions to get the job done using the miller 175? Or is it better to use the miller 135?

Second: Should i get the miller millermatic autoset 140,180, or just spring for the 211? Since im new to welding and like working with my hands. I would like to learn as many processes as much as possible. So I was also considering the miller multimatic 200. The only thing im bummed about that unit is no AC TIG and no High Frequency TIG. Being new to TIG dont know how i would do with scratch start. Would I mess up tungsten alot?

So what are your thoughts on these machines? I dont currently see any need for aluminum welding I would be doing where i would need the smaller torch size of the tig torch rather than a mig machine with a spool gun.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you and I really appreciate all the tips and advice.