looking to upgrade the machine shop at work. We currently have a newer lathe and an old bridgeport that is pretty useless. Anyways, the boss wants to get an ironworker, break of some sort and a drill press. New is not priority but an option. Good used ironworker (scotchman etc), radial arm drill press, tubing bender(hossfeld type)? Shop is about 30' x 20'.....that's just the room we r going to use.where to by good used equipment in the jersey area? Should be get an ironworker with or without a break? basically our work is construction equipment modifications and fab. lots of truck body mods. we have plenty of local shops but we often have 3/16 mild bent and formed for trucks. sorry for the lack of caps, poor grammar etc.....this is a speedy sunday morning post with newborn in one arm. Dave