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Thread: new to it

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    Default new to it

    i will be starting welding classes in october , ive never touched a welder in my life . im very interested in it . looking for any advice or anything that may help .

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    Default new to it

    Try to get as much time as you can under the hood. Just gonna have to get some rods, or wire, and burn the **** outta them. Get all the steel you can and learn how to cut it up with oxy/acet an weld it back together. Post pics with questions here as a lot of the guys are great teachers and don't hesitate to help. Good luck

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    Thanks mam, I can't wait to start , I want a welder for pratice at home . I figure there is going to be only so much I can do in class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshua8909 View Post
    i will be starting welding classes in october , ive never touched a welder in my life . im very interested in it . looking for any advice or anything that may help .
    Check out the welding jobs in your area. Find out what type of welding is in the most needed. And best paying! Then as you get further along with your training, concentrate on that type. In my area tig on aluminum and stainless is the best paying and most in demand. Good luck man!

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    I have no idea how they will run you through the course. in the 80's it was oxy/act for a very short start and cutting with it, then stick welding out the wazoo.

    Of course you need the cutting to prep your material. Then plate flat, vertical, horizontal and then overhead.

    After 6 months of this I switched schools, guess what, same thing. After much *****ing I got to test on plate and moved to pipe to start the whole process over.

    After over a year I had not touched a Mig gun or Tig torch.

    So in my opinion, I would not purchase a machine until I got started in school. Then if they are taking you the stick route,, which is most likely and you will learn the best way by starting with stick,,,, then choose a machine that will allow you to get a leg up on whats coming.

    Get a machine that will allow you to Tig and it will most likely be stick also. Mig will be easy enough afterwards. But you'll want to do something different at home as you'll get plenty of stick welding at school.

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    People tell me the thing to get into is tig , I talked to an instructor the other day and he said they do 50% book work and 50% lab . He said they want you to be able to have a leg up om the competition. But they cover fabrication blueprints and the different types of welding they also have a VRTEXTM 360 Virtual Reality Arc Welding Trainer and teach spray transfer mig

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    If money allows, buy a Speedglas. Welding is so much easier when you can see.
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