Have a guy who needs a key welded in the slot of a crankshaft for the pully.

He said he used JB weld to hold it in place for ten years but it finally broke loose and chipped out the side of the keyway slot a little. Guess it was chipped somewhat before the JB.

Its a last ditch effort so I think I'll go Tig it in and fill the chipped area. He wants the key permanent in its slot.

This is a first, and my first thought was warping but I think I can keep the heat down by running a little hot and quick and it will do ok.

Yea, it will be in the car under the hood. No foot peddle just set the amps and lift arc. I just don't how hardened the steel will be or what the best filler is. I'm thinking just some ER 70 S in 1/16.