All these years I have been telling you how good my IR 5hp air compressor has been.
The compressor is about 48 yrs. old. The other day I heard a bearing noise in the motor that sounded like trouble.
This is the 3rd motor, the original was replaced by a Beldor, the Beldor was replaced by a Dayton, so now I have to replace the Dayton.

I had my new man Wesley( he is the kid that won the FFA welding competition that I told you about in another post) look at the numbers (young eyes).
He told me 3hp. I say no its a 5hp.He says but it says 3hp. I take the chalk of my pocket and chalk the numbers, put on the glasses and see it says 3hp. What?

At this point I have 3 options: 1 new bearings, 2 new motor, or 3 up grade to a 7.5hp compressor.
I skip #1 and try #2 new 5hp motor and adapter was close to 900 from Grainger.

Wesley calls me and says NAPA can get IR compressors.
So I get a bid from NAPA, Grainger, and my LWS Barnes Welding, on a 7.5hp compressor.
NAPA was too high for an IR over Grainger, but Barnes had a Champion on sale.
It was a little more money but right here in town and delivered.

I remove the old IR and made a 3 drop copper cooling system and tie in to the old air system in the paint barn.
I put the new compressor in the shop until I can get an electrican to change the wires in the paint barn.
Then I read the owners manual, 80% duty cycle?????
Every other compressor I looked at was 100% duty cycle.

On the start up all tanks empty it goes over the duty cycle. But after that it takes 4 mins. to refill the tanks.

3hp, no wonder I had booster tanks all over the shop.

So you see I only sorta lied.

Good Luck,