Ok so I've been n the market for a new trailer for a while now. Can't find what I want for a reasonable amount of $$ so time to build. It's shaping up to be 34-38' deck by 96"-102" width with partially recessed/ drive over wheel wells. Still debating weather I want a full deck or just where a cars wheels would fall only opposition is added cost, possibly extruded Al decking?? Should end up sitting on 2 7k torsion axles.

For the frame I'm thinking 6" channel with an additional 6" piece for the A- frame continued all the way to just fwd of axels. Or possible 10-12" channel the whole way with 6" A-frame cut through fwd and welded to inside of side beams.

Before everyone comments on why I can't or shouldn't do this. A little history on me I own a company that builds aluminum marine gangways from 8-80' in length every day. The main use is I want to be able to deliver a 45' gangway on the back of a 1 ton, fwd elevated over the bed. And move my other toys on the weekends. So I highly doubt it will ever see a much over 8k lbs.