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    Default first weld test for a job 3g 4g I am a student any input

    Doing first weld test for a job 3g 4g any input

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    Default Weld test

    It has been my experience that on AWS D1.1 structural tests alot of times welders will fit up the coupons with too little gap at the root. This cause's them to trap slag in the root. AWS allows a 1/4" root gap on the standard test coupon made with a backing bar. I have assumed that this is a performance qualification test for all position. Also take care in the direction of grinding when prepping your coupons. The grinding marks should run with the grain of the base metal.
    Good luck on your test.

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    Make sure you clean everything. Its all in the prep. Dont try and rush it
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    Default first weld test for a job 3g 4g I am a student any input

    Take your time, follow the procedure exactly. Watch interpass temps, clean, clean, clean, and clean again. Keep bead contour smooth, watch the undercut. Grind out any defect or discontinuity if permitted. First test is always the hardest. Gets easier. Good luck!

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    You're going to be tested your entire career, don't get all wound up about it. Just think of it as any other weld you're going to do and take your time, do the best you can and the rest will take care of itself.
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    Don't forget to start with a fresh clear lens in your helmet and carry a spare.

    I'd have a 60 or 80 grit flap disk in my gear bag for prep besides whatever else you use.

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