I mig weld power transformers all day and used to wear the ****ies shop pants mainly to keep cooler but they would be destroyed every couple of months. I decided to try out the Duluth Co. Firehose 5 pocket Jeans. I don't need all the pockets because I'm doing shop work and all my tools are 3 feet behind me and I liked the heaver material used. I tested them out for a few months and I now have 2 more pairs. Love them. They don't get too hot, the crotch gusset really actually helps when I need to move all sorts of ways to get a weld and the back of the knees don't bunch up like regular jeans do. It also helps that I live close to the stores and it's a Wisconsin company. Win win.

Also, anyone wondering how much UV rays get emitted from welding should look at my pants. They are a dark brown and have the popular "faded" look just where the light hits. It always amazes me how people would pay $100$ on a pair of jeans that look like my work pants after a few months of welding haha.