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    Yea gas containers are a hard thing to deal with and being a firefighter i try to set an example but sometimes one sneaks in my garage from my dad using it somewhere. I have a flammable cabinet but it will only hold 3 -5gal jugs so i stage them out in my pole barn which is a little safer. I agree with treating our home jobs like were at work. Trailer looks good man keep on welding.
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    Default My Utility Trailer

    Trailer looks sweet!!! Like the Ole Glory graphics on your hood.
    Bistineau has a great point I've definitely over looked. Makes completely great sense.

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    Just thought I would check back in with ya and see how the cleaning and priming is going with this trailer. Have you made any more progress with it? It can be a bi+ch sometimes trying to get all the rust off a project after all the welding is done, as opposed to doing it in long straight pieces on saw horses. Just waiting to see the end result of your work in progress.

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