I haven't used it in several weeks and I tried to start my Trailblazer 302 and found that the original battery finally gave up so I jump started it. I hooked the cables to the positive post and the negative cable to the welder frame. It started right up. It idled up and idled back down like it should and I unhooked the jumper cables. I noticed that the digital amp guage and fuel guage were not right. The amp guage displayed the amperage with a decimal point "39.4" instead of how it would normally display the amps while stick welding. For example "135". The fuel tank was full but the top and bottom lights were not on. I'm thinking that the engine needs to be at high idle to help the battery charge so I turned the switch up to "RUN" position. The engine did not idle up so I cycled the switch several times but it did not help. Trying to get a response I try to get the engine idled up by striking an arc and found out that not only did the engine not idle up but the welder wouldn't strike an arc.
Does anyone have any experience with this or know what I need to replace to get it back running right? Thanks