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    Had an old timer show me how to remove stuck pins by heating them up and then melting a candle close to the boss. He said the wax would wick in and make the pin easier to remove. Dont know if this might have helped. But now I have your trick of welding on a nut and using an impact to get stuck bolts and pins out.

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    Default Frozen 1-1/16" cylinder pin..

    It took years for me to completely understand this and why it works better when weld nut on to remove bolt.
    When I studied how to straighten metal using heat it finally made sense to me.
    Years ago I would try heat metal around bolt to expand it but always had mixed results.
    Metal expands with heat then contracts when cooled, if you heat the bolt & keep heat in or at bolt the larger metal around stays cooler and keeps the bolt from expanding at sides so it expands long ways so then when it cools it contracts and slightly shrinks (from sides) and then will usually turn out.
    That's one reason why welding nut on normally works well, heat is concentrated in bolt, expands longgated, then contracts ie shrinks.
    To help understand; take 1" pin or shaft 3"-4" long. Put in vise longways tighten vise, heat pin, vise will constrict expansion longways so will expand dia. Let cool and pin will drop out of vise when contracts.
    My normal procedure to remove twisted off bolt; 1-drill out for easy out
    2-set in easy out, tighten to engage & remove
    3-heat bolt red
    4-when red leaves cool with air, can touch
    5-remove with easy out
    6-if doesn't come out, weld nut on, remove.

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    Lots of good tips guy's. I hope to remember these for future reference.
    HH 210MVP
    Spoolrunner 100
    Powercraft AC buzz box
    Lotas LTP5000D plasma
    Victor Oxy/Acet
    30 ton press
    A few brand name tools
    Lots of no name tools
    A wife to worry me
    and 4 dogs to supervise me

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    After a while sheet like this becomes normal. It does give a guy a whole lot of options a non welder just doesn't have.

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    Before I got a wire machine (or a dry place to work) I was having a hitch put on a small car for a small trailer - pre-drilled holes in the frame were a b**** to get at, so the guy took each bolt and just touched the center of the threaded end, ran out about a foot of wire and used the wire as a guide to pull each bolt thru its hole, threaded the washers and nuts on the wire, started each one and then snipped off the wire.

    Filed that one away for later.

    Later - was putting another small hitch on another small car for the SAME small trailer, thought "AHA!!!" Now I can finally use that trick...

    Dang Curt hitch included 6 little wires with built in heli-coils, screw 'em on the bolts and do as above

    Oh well, guess I didn't need the mig for just that, went thru a 33 lb. spool in the first 3 weeks I had the 252 ... Steve

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