Hey everyone,

New here, but Ive done a good amount of searching around I still have a question.
I've been welding Chromoly and aluminum for about 3 yrs, self taught and i have had the opportunity to learn to weld Ti at work. i purchased a large gas lens set up and a #15 cup and I made some purge plugs and am back purging the weld area. The weld color is acceptable from what i understand (silver/straw) but i am getting slight discoloration away from the weld bead area (see picture) is this okay? or is this just as bad as discoloration in the weld? If its bad any possible solutions you can recommend? Thanks!

- Conor

.035 Ti Tubing
Machine set to 80ish amps
1/16 tungsten (ceriated)
pre flow .5s
post flow (ive tried up to 15seconds)
Torch flow (25cfh)
ti weld.jpg