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    Right after I got my new Hobart Handler 190 and told my friend about it, he asked if I would weld something up for him. Of course I said, "Sure!" He knew I had no experience with MIG outside of the few test pieces I did on steel and aluminum.

    He cut the pieces and I welded them. After a rough start and burning a tip, the welds improved noticeably toward the end. After all I was learning on the job, and he was OK with that. Not the prettiest welds, but the finished work is square, not warped, and plenty strong in my opinion and his too.

    He has two quads that he wanted to be securely linked together when he transported them on his trailer. However, the front receiver on one is three inches higher than the rear receiver of the other. A simple project, but the first I've ever done for anyone.

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    Looks good. I guess that's a way of making them more secure.
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    That's a neat and safe guards against them smashing together.

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    If he went back to back he could just use the winchs to secure them to the trailer...
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